Folks are being gross about Alexandra give, saying she can’t come to be 46 because her locks is grey. I’m 31 and my locks is mainly grey. Having hair that is gray 46 is completely normal, y’all are just too familiar with ladies perhaps perhaps perhaps not being permitted to age.

The total amount of individuals presuming that Keanu’s new gf Alexandra is just a “granny” simply because she’s got grey hair demonstrates exactly how conditioned women can be to look youthful all the time. Definitely appalled by a number of the plain things I’ve seen.

Anyone wondering why I color my hair simply needs to go through the execrable feedback about Keanu’s (awesome) gf

The critiques of Grant’s locks are tangled up in objectives of females “aging gracefully” therefore the numerous standards that are double gents and ladies — which brings us to your debate over Grant’s age. In a global where women can be frequently portrayed to be deceitful than they are, some onlookers seem to feel deceived by Grant’s silver hair if they make themselves look younger. (It does not assist in this situation that Keanu himself is fabled for showing up not to ever age.)

Keanu’s gf appears like the things I thought a 46 12 months woman that is old like whenever I had been 6

— HausenHausen The Imitator (@nbaoutsider) 5, 2019 november

It’s interesting, annoying, and maybe unavoidable that, while Grant has been criticized and scrutinized over her age and her choice to be— that is silver-haired than the simple fact that she’s apparently a remarkable creator in her very own own right — Reeves is conversely getting universal praise for dating a female “his very very own age,” and even though that girl continues to be almost ten years more youthful than he’s.

yes it really is awkward that Keanu Reeves dating a 46 yr old sometimes appears for example of a mature guy someone that is dating very very own age,” but bear in mind that for Keanu up to now somebody because old as him he’d need to woo the corpse of Cleopatra VII

needless to say Keanu posseses a girlfriend that is age-appropriate he could be a great pulpit guy

This praise is reasonable superficially. Keanu has emerged as America’s sweet, super-respectful, perfect boyfriend in the past few years, specially throughout 2019. For him up to now a “age-appropriate” girl is completely consistent with their persona and reputation as a mild soul who’s unlike a great many other Hollywood A-list men of their stature. Compare him with somebody like Leonardo DiCaprio, that has been commonly mocked just for dating women half their age. (The tabloids inform us that the 44-year-old DiCaprio along with his present gf, 22-year-old Camila Morrone, are “pretty serious.”) Then you can find guys like Dennis Quaid, 65, whom made headlines this week for announcing their engagement to A phd that is 26-year-old pupil.

With all this environment, it is no wonder lots of people are relieved that Reeves is dating some body just nine years younger than he could be. Regardless of stigma and scrutiny that attach by themselves to give, Keanu extends to retain his status as being a non-problematic fave. And there’s been an abundance of side-conversation regarding how warped that is, too.

On one side, i will be truly super pleased for them.

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Having said that. we are really pausing to marvel at an adult guy dating somebody in their generation. The club has to increase.

There’s no doubting that the club of intimate age-appropriateness is firmly on to the floor. And Keanu’s love life passes muster and mainly garnered general public approval. Better still, it is warming hearts, exactly like Keanu himself.

Appears like my crush Keanu is from the market but also for some explanation we fell so in love with him much more. She’s breathtaking and so they look great together. They prob have deep connection that is magical i am hoping for. He’s the man that is ideal it is that or absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing beside me.❤️

Seeing Keanu Reeves happy as well as in love offers me a cure for mankind

In which he is not making much out from the relationship or their partner’s age that is apparent. Perhaps not that we’d expect otherwise. Reeves continues to reside their life out of the general public attention, albeit utilizing the curtain pulled back just a bit significantly more than usual.

Within the end, something that makes Keanu pleased makes the majority of their fans pleased, which may seem like a victory for everybody. Therefore cheers towards the brand new couple — may they be excellent one to the other.

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